Monday, April 30, 2007

Project; For Ashley - Make Emo Kid gloves from socks

My Emo Kid granddaughter spent a couple weeks with us and taught me a bit about the nuances of dressing Emo which is apparantly a distinction among many styles of fashion, not to be confused with Gothic.
Tutorial to show how to step by step is here at Cut Out + Keep

Find a pair of socks

Cut a straight line across where the foot part of the sock begins.

Fold inside out and place on your hand. Spread out your thumb and pin out where the edge of your index finger and thumb begin.

Sew along this v-shaped line, removing the pins as you go.

Place this on your hand again and cut a line down the middle of the v-shape.

Fold over, about 1cm, at the top of the glove and thumb hole.

Take a needle and thread and sew around the glove and thumb holes. To sew it correctly start with a hemming stitch, turn this in to a running stitch for 1cm and then make another hemming sitch and so on.


Brigitte said...

me like cookie.
<3bee mi fwend<3

Anonymous said...

could u explain it when u say where sock starts wheres that is taht like the top rim or where the ankle is or do u cut the ankle u should make a video because i dont understand ha please help

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