Monday, February 5, 2007

Project; for reusing lingerie

I'm looking for ways to re-use, repurpose, refashion some of that lingerie that no longer fits my no longer svelte body.

If you have ideas or know where to send me, share links, projects, I'm happy to take your suggestions.

I found this one at Ask the Frugal Decorating Diva

Besides your pillows (which are a great use for these), here are a few ideas for those pieces:

* Consider cutting some of the lace/textures/embellishments off and using them separately. Maybe frame them, accent a lampshade with them, accent window shades with them, put them on pieces of clothing you wear, applique them onto towels, upholstered pieces or other home accessories.

* Use the gown fabric and lace/textures/embellishments to make lampshade covers.

* Use the gown fabrics to make padded hangers for your closet, or for gifts.

* Use the gown fabrics to make jewelry rolls for yourself or gifts.

* Use the gown fabrics to make makeup bags.

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